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Affordable Monthly Packages, Quick Timely Washes, and Daily Vehicle Care! Exceeding and Customer Expectations, One Splash at a Time!

We offer more than just a car wash!

Our amenities and services include:

Enjoy our optional contactless experience. Easy and quick to use! Use our Kiosk to buy a wash or enroll in a monthly subscription. After that, you don’t even have to roll down your windows! Our LPR cameras will save your plate number and every visit after will be easy. Pull up and the gate will open… DONE! To manage and edit subscriptions register or sign in to your e-commerce account.

Vacuum Area:

Keep your car’s interior spotless with our powerful vacuums.

Hand Towel Drying:

We finish the job with a spotless, gleaming car.

Air Freshener Machine:

Choose your favorite scent to enjoy a pleasant drive.

Vending Machines:

Grab car cleaning essentials like Armor All, wipes, and towels on the go!


Wash More, Spend Less!

Main Menu


Single Wash
$39.99moSplash Wash Club

Includes EVERYTHING plus:

  • Ceramic


Single Wash
$33.99Splash Wash Club

Includes PLUS WASH plus:

  • Rain Repel
  • Hot Wax
  • Tire Shine


Single Wash
$25.99Splash Wash Club

Includes XPRESS WASH plus:

  • Triple Foam
  • Clear Coat
  • High Pressure Rinse
  • Underbody Rinse


Single Wash
$19.99Splash Wash Club
  • Wheel Cleaner
  • Spot Free Rinse

Package Details

Ceramic Sealant

Ceramic Sealant is the ultimate in-car wash line-applied protection, with Ceramic, you get a clearcoat protection to seal in that shine.

Rain Repel

Improve your vision in the rain with Rain Repel and let the rain bead up and fly right off the windshield as you drive. This product also helps the bugs and ice to clean off more easily.

Hot Wax

Provides a deep lasting shine like no other “no extra time” product, working in conjunction with Rain Repel.

Tire Shine

Let those tires shine with one of our most popular products. This silicone-based product is applied on the car wash line, so it takes no extra time.

Triple Foam

Triple Foam works as an aid in the cleaning process for your vehicle while typically providing a shine.

Clear Coat

Wash that helps water bead off your car before it goes under the driers.

High Pressure Rinse

A rinse that uses a powerful stream of water with intense pressure to blast away dirt and grime.

Underbody Rinse

If you want to keep your car looking shiny and new, it’s essential to maintain its underbody as well. That means regularly washing the underside of your car which can be particularly important during the winter months when salt, mud and grime from the roads can accumulate and cause rust.

Wheel Cleaner

Tired of brake dust? Our three step solution applies the chemicals, uses a high friction tire brush and then a high pressure rinse to eat away at the stubborn residue.

Spot Free Rinse

No more driving around with water spots.

Wash Club Memberships:

Your Ticket to Endless Shine

Joining the Splash Auto Wash Wash Club is the key to maintaining your vehicle’s brilliance effortlessly. Here’s how it works:

How It Works:

Step 1

Choose Your Membership:

Select the Wash Club Membership package that suits your needs. We offer a range of options to fit your preferences and budget.

Step 2

Get  Daily Washes:

Once you’re a member, you can visit us every day, and your vehicle will thank you for it. For one affordable monthly fee, you’re granted access to our express car wash.

Step 3

Seamless Entry with License Plate Recognition:

Say goodbye to lines and hassles. Our License Plate Recognition (LPR) Pay station recognizes your vehicle’s license plate, and the gate opens, granting you quick and easy access.

Affordable Pricing!

The cost of two single washes covers your monthly access, saving you money and hassle.

Frequent Washing!

Give your car the regular love it deserves. With daily washes, your vehicle will always shine.

Cancel Anytime!

No strings attached. We understand life can change, so you can cancel your membership anytime, which becomes effective for the following month. There are no prorations for mid-month cancellations.

No Contracts!

We believe in giving you the flexibility to choose without long-term commitments.

Why Choose Splash Auto Wash?

Our Exclusive Benefits!

Discover the exclusive benefits of Splash Auto Wash. Enjoy cost-efficient access, daily care options, and the freedom to cancel anytime. Our service prioritizes convenience and satisfaction, offering unparalleled perks for your car care needs.

Here’s what our customers have to say:

We’ll give you something to smile about, but don’t just take our word for it. Thousands of real people trust us as their neighborhood shop.

Splash Auto Wash Gift Cards

The gift of a clean, sparkling car is just a card away.

Discover Our Convenient Spot in Detroit

5330 Wyoming Street Detroit, MI 48210

Located at the southeast corner of Ford Road and Wyoming, Splash Auto Wash is easy to find. We’re just down the street from the Ford/Wyoming Drive-In and offer quick access to Highway I-94.